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Iron Man Mini Fridge brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘cool’

iron-man-mini-fridgeA fridge is something that just about every single one of us would make use of in order to ensure that whatever we would like to have it remain nice and cool, will be so after placing that particular food or drink item within. The thing is, fridge designs, especially the small square-sized ones, tend to feature a rather drab design – all square without much “punch” to it. Not so with this $79.99 Iron Man Mini Fridge though – it might be tiny in its size, but it is big on appeal.

While it might not be able to carry an arsenal of weapons, or is impervious to knocks and drops, there is one thing that the Iron Man Mini Fridge is guaranteed to be able to do – it will help you make peace with another family member or friend whom you had a tiff with and is a huge Iron Man fan when you give this to him or her. Perfect for keeping both champagne cold and sake warm, this 3D molded Iron Man with light-up eyes has enough space to hold up to a 6-pack of whatever you’re drinking. Sports a warming function as well if you would like to heat up your food.