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iRobot Roomba 800 chews up pesky hairs without missing a beat

roomba-880The vacuum cleaner has changed the way that homes are kept spic and span over the years, as housewives and home makers of either gender have found out to their advantage. You do not have to worry about a gust of wind blowing away all the dirt that has been swept onto a dustpan, and neither do you need to grapple with pesky strands of hair that get stuck in between the broom’s head. Of course, technological advancements have been made to turn these vacuum cleaners into autonomous machines, where they will get to work even when there is no one around at home, being able to return to juice themselves up whenever they run low on battery power. The iRobot Roomba 800 is the latest of such robotic vacuum cleaners, where it boasts of AeroForce extractors that are said to amplify suction power and virtually eliminates hair tangling.

Being part of the AeroForce Performance Cleaning System, such extractors will be able to amplify suction power, delivering superior performance over traditional bristle brushes, with the additional advantage of being virtually maintenance free to boot. Roomba claims that this would translate to up to 50% better pick-up of dirt, debris and hair from your floor. Just how does the brushless, counter-rotating AeroForce Extractors work? They break down debris and lift dirt, and you get better airflow to boot which will in turn maximize vacuum power.

iRobot claims that the Roomba 800 Series are able to remove up to 50% more dirt, dust, hair and debris, where it comes with a 5x more powerful vacuum than previous Roomba models. Not only that, the high capacity bin claims to hold an additional 60% more dirt, with a new XLife battery that delivers double the cleaning cycles. For those who are interested in picking up the iRobot Roomba 800 series of robots, which is the Roomba 880, it will cost you $699.99 a pop.

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