iRobot Looj – The Gutter Cleaning Robot

We wrote about the iRobot Looj back in September, at the time I thought it was pretty cool but a bit too much on the niche side to be be a real hit. However here at CES I’ve seen one in action and must admit after watching it and speaking to the sales guy (taken with a big pinch of salt) it could actually be worth buying.

To use the Looj you simply place it at one end of your guttering and set it off sweeping, it will then traverse the length of your guttering sweeping the leafs onto the floor below. Check out the video of it in action:

Can’t see the video? Click here.

With the Looj you still need to climb the ladder to place it in the guttering but eliminates the need to continually move the ladder to clear the full length. I wonder if next year iRobot will be introducing a patio sweeper to clear the leaves it’s thrown down.