iRobot does it again. This time in your pool.

iRobot vorror

IRobot’s patented intelligent cleaning technology now has olympic size dreams with it’s new Verro Poolbot. Promising to automatically clean and entire pool from floor to waterline, the Verro uses the same artificial intelligence as their popular Rooma and Scooba models, plus the standard tools used by manual pool vacs. The result is a clean and filtered pool in a little over an hour.

Two models are offered. The Verro 300, works solely on pools made of gunite or concrete and features a powerful hydro-jet system that power washes the pool, while the Verro 600 –can work in more portable pools made of vinyl, tile and fiberglass models. The 600 uses brushes to scrub and clean while the vacuum, while both models use a filtration system to pick up and trap debris and bacteria as small as 2 microns!

The Vero is available from iRobot and is priced at $799 (for the 300 model) and $1,199 (for the 600 model) .