iRing Stylus – Say I Do!


Almost everything we have these days has a touch screen! My iPhone, tablets, Pods and Pads, they all rely on my fingertips to do the walking. Unfortunately, I also have cold dry little fingers that don’t always seem to work so well with these screens (am I the only one thats had to dampen my fingers and then heat them on my pant leg to get things “swiped”?) Please just say no… ¬†anyway, I also don’t always rock that much accuracy, so I guess that makes me a good candidate for a stylus, but I’d probably lose it, so I have simply been suffering in silence.

Well, I just found an answer to this harrowing dilemma, the iRing Stylus, made of aluminum and rubber, this fashion friendly stylus can be worn on your finger, or a cord around your neck, so you’ll always have it handy. Both elegant and stylish, the iRing is certain to go with whatever you’re wearing and save you from embarrassing capacitive touch screen accidents. So scroll and swipe to your hearts content, and look cool doing it.

There are plenty of apps that actually require a stylus these days, not to mention those “poor connection” days where a stylus is just a nice addition to your electronic arsenal. So if you feel the need to doodle away the days, the iRing Stylus may be for you, or of course the geek gal of your dreams. Get one at for only around 13 bucks.