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The iRig MIDI Controller – if you’ve got rhythm, you can make music

IK Multimedia iRig

If your parents don’t force you to take some sort of instrument lessons when you’re young, and you also skip out on band and orchestra in middle or high school, you might hit adulthood feeling like you missed out. Playing music is fun, and a great way to express yourself in a creative way. However, learning how to use and make a decent sound come out of an instrument takes years of practice.

If you do possess the ability to keep a beat, then there is still hope yet for you. This IK Multimedia iRig MIDI controller will let you tap out entire songs. It has 16 velocity-sensitive pads that you will click to make the sounds of guitars, bass, drums, synth, and much more. These sort of things have a huge instrument library, and can be used with a variety of different musical programs, so you can really pick and choose any sound if you look hard enough.

It has built-in lighting so making music is also a visual experience as well as an audial one, which is sure to make any creation far more exciting than it is. The 3 colors it lights up in will indicate how hard you hit the key, since that factor will affect the sound that the machine produces. There are also two assignable knobs, a pushbutton rotary encoder, two buttons, and a slider, all of which are programmable. Since this works with your iPad, iPhone, and Mac or PC, it will come with some preset modes for popular apps and software so you don’t have to wait long after opening it to make some music. This is going to cost you around $110, and seems like it would be a good introductory product for aspiring musicians or DJs.

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