iQue: Geek Meets Outdoor Grill

iQue Grill

Just when you thought that you can’t update something technologically, here comes the Blue Ember iQue, an amazing alternative to you fully automatic indoor grill. This grill has “an integrated computer for precision control” for cooking your meat “on the barbie”.

The user has the option of setting the time and temperature for cooking. He or she even has the option of selecting the meat, and whether it will be well done, medium rare, or whatever setting that he or she prefers. The iQue also has an integrated temperature probe, and the computer will automatically lower the heat level based on its desired settings.

In case you are wondering how the user can control these features, it isn’t with a remote. No, it is all about a touch-control computer. I hope the touch-controls can work with barbeque sauce on your fingertips. However, for those who aren’t into tech while they are grilling, the iQue can work without any computerized help.

However, I believe at least one of the technological features on the iQue will really come in handy. You see, a sonar-based system will keep track of the propane usage and display the results of the remaining time.

The iQue comes with an infrared rotisserie burner, a built-in smoker box, and a side burner. It also comes with a bottle opener and ice bucket. All this is available for about $900.