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The iPrank Cracked Screen Sticker is not for the faint of heart

iPrank Cracked Screen Protector

There are some coworkers that you get along with really well. You have similar interests, enjoy each others company, and possibly even hang out outside of work. This kind of work friend can usually take a prank or two so long as it’s not going to leave any lasting damage.

Of course, making someone think you’ve just broken their smartphone without actually leaving a scratch is the perfect way to rustle someone’s jimmies. If you are the trickster of the office and like to have several different methods of messing with people, then you’re going to want the iPrank Cracked Screen Sticker in your arsenal. It is nothing more than a screen protector, but it will make an iPhone 5, 4, and/or iPad Air look as though it has been seriously damaged. Of course, this is something you’re only going to be able to pull off once, but the reaction is going to be worth the $9.99 you would spend on this set.

Should you feel as though you don’t have a coworker that won’t try and take you down for this joke, you can always resort to your family, friends, or significant other. This purchase will get you 2 iPhone 5, 2 iPhone 4, and 2 iPad Air screen protectors. That means you can save them for a rainy day when you need a laugh. The hardest part of this endeavor will be getting your target to put their phone down long enough to tamper with it. Always remember to do your pranks in a light-hearted way. Or don’t, I’m not your mother.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek