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iPosture – Don't be a Slouch

I guess it would be no secret that I am a bit of a sloucher, after all, I am in front of a computer for most of the day, but I think it all started because when I was a young kid, I was taller than all the boys, whatever the case, poor posture isn’t attractive, and I guess its not all that good for you either. Getting into bad habits is easy… Changing bad habits is hard. Here’s some help for your posture issues, you know, just in case your mom isn’t standing nearby yelling at you to stand up straight. Developed by a neurologist, the iPosture is designed to be worn as a pendant, clipped to your clothing or stuck directly to your skin. It senses your body’s position and instantly serves to remind you to straighten up simply by vibrating when you slouch, and continuing until its corrected. Just like Mom.

The iPosture is designed to be worn for approximately four hours per day for the first two to four weeks and is supposed to gently enforce your good posture habits until they become second nature to you. I remember reading that somewhere.. that a good habit takes around 21 days to form, something like that. (we all know a BAD habit only takes about 2 minutes) Anyway, the user then needs to wear the device only 2 or 3 times a week after that to maintain their military type stance.
 The the trick to the iPosture device is a wearable intelligent nano-sensor that measures your stance every few seconds, and warns the user of any 3 or more degree deviation from the preset position. It has one button controls and turns itself off when you lay it down, and your ideal position can be changed at anytime. No word yet on whether or not it will nag you to eat your vegetables or wear clean underwear.
Available for under 75 bucks and it comes in a Golf performance package as well, both from
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4 thoughts on “iPosture – Don't be a Slouch”

  1. I bought this and tried to use it but it fell off and I lost it, the first day I wore it. I called the company to see if I could get a replacement at a discount price, but they said no. Disappointing product and even more disappointing customer service!

  2. After 2 years, mine has broken. Contacted customer service to ask if they repair (said I was willing to pay if necessary) – told that warranty is only 90 days(!) and that no, they don’t do repairs. Agree with Lilas, they really need to work on their customer service.

  3. I bought iPosture year ago: first never work, when I opened to change battery it was so old battery all cover with white staff. They replaced first one for other one didn’t work at all. Replaced for third one it works only one week. Did not work any more. 90 days warranty finished. Piece of junk. Idea is good, but it didn’t work.

  4. This product didn’t work for me. It vibrated when I pushed the button to start it, but when I bent over, it didn’t vibrate. Customer service said to touch the button very briefly or it would turn off and to try a different battery. I tried touching more briefly, and two different batteries. Both were dead and the original one still would only cause vibration when the button was pushed. Customer service said I could send it back for a refund, but not reimburse for postage and could then buy a new one.

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