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iPort xPRESS Audio Keypad announced

xpress-iportiPort has just announced their xPRESS audio keypad for Sonos, allowing one to gain direct WiFi control for just about any Sonos device out there. In fact, the xPress audio keypad has gained the distinction of being the first WiFi direct remote control for Sonos in the world, now how about that? In addition, iPort is also more than happy to announce that it has forged an Endorsed Partner relationship with Sonos, ensuring that there will be a level of deep integration between iPort and Sonos products. Sort of like their own MFi certification process that Apple has with its favored accessory manufacturers.

Just how does the xPRESS Audio Keypad work? For starters, it will be WiFi enabled and is able to be set up in a matter of minutes. This is done thanks to a simple iOS app which allows one to control any Sonos device directly. The Keypad will also pave the way for direct access to key music functions such as Play/Pause, Track Forward, Volume Control and toggle capability via Sonos Favorites.

Taking into consideration that the Keypad has shed the baggage of cables and nasty wires, it will be easy to bring around without being restricted, and is battery powered for ease of use. It also has a decora form factor, and can be installed on any wall by itself or alongside other decora-sized devices. To sweeten the deal, the provided xPRESS Magnetic Wall Adapters enable a user to grab a Keypad effortlessly off the wall or any surface to use it as a hand-held remote right there and then.

The xPRESS Audio Keypad for Sonos is right now available for pre-order if you are interested, arriving with a sticker price tag of $99.99. Convenience and a simple design that does not intrude on your home, now this is one practical peripheral worth looking into.

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