iPom Speaker System looks pretty playing music

If you’re not one of the many that has rushed out and bought an iPod of some kind, you might still be on the lookout for a decent speaker that will hook up to your MP3 player.  There are a great deal of cute and powerful iPod docks and most do have a way to hook up your MP3 player.  However, if you don’t have an iPod, why pay for a device that has an iPod dock.  This cute speaker set comes from the makers of the iPanda and iBoo, which means it’s highly likely it’s going to have great sound quality.

I have the iPanda myself and it’s definitely one of the cute yet surprisingly good quality speakers.  This set has two little flower speakers that can be taken off of the pot to sit away from the subwoofer a little.  The pot for the flowers is of course the 12w subwoofer.  This will hook up your music through the AUX input jack or you can play your music through a USB Drive or an SD card. You can choose from different color combinations, one of which features a white base.  Which might be better suited for an older female.  This isn’t available just yet, so you’ll have to wait to discover the price.

Source: ChipChick