iPod speaker doubles as guitar amp

Okay this is sweet. If you love listening and playing music, you can now connect your headphones, and your guitar to the First Act DK1000 Stereo Docking Station. Because it not only works as a docking station for your iPod touch, but also as a guitar amplifier.

That’s right, real guitar heroes can connect their axe to the DK1000 and jam right along with the iPod. It’ll work with either electric guitar or an acoustic with built in pickups. Meanwhile, the DK1000 will pop out 40 Watts of RMS power through it’s complete array of speakers and dynamic tweeters.
The dock also charges most iPods as well with a standard 30 pin connector, and its built-in V-Stack powered preamp will provide the necessary juice to turn any guitar up to eleven. The DK1000 is also rather stylish with classic rugged wooden cabinet construction and hand-wrapped vinyl covering that’s completed by the amp-style corners and handle.

And for about $100, it’s a pretty affordable addition to any bands growing collection of audio equipment. And with the ability to play tunes with the iPod, garage bands can lay down tracks of various instruments and then play along to make their band bigger and their sound fuller.

Add a mixer and you’re really be swingin’.

Available from Amazon.

Hat Tip – Chip Chick

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