iPod smoothie – don’t try this at home!

If you’re a smoothie / juice fan you’ll appreciate what a good blender can do but, as in everything, there are differences between products. Some blenders are just underpowered for the job at hand and some… well some are decidedly over the top!

You’ve seen blendtec products before – they’re standard issue in Starbucks for making the iced drinks so you know they can take a pounding on a commercial scale. That doesn’t prove much though, the home line could be completely different right?

Evidently some lunatic genius in Blendtec’s marketing department thought the same way and decided to prove to the world that their home products are pretty tough too by starting a series of videos called “Will it blend?”. Ever wanted to see what happens to an iPod in a blender? Follow the link to find out!

Other blends to note are the golf driver and the video camera 🙂