iPod Shuffle goes swimming

swimman-shuffle.jpgHow many of you have sometimes wished you could listen to your favorite tunes while clocking up laps at the swimming pool? After all, if joggers and other exercise freaks can have their fair share of music while sweating it out, why not swimmers? SwimMan has given much thought to this dilemma, and to prove the age old adage that necessity is the mother of all inventions, SwimMan has gone ahead and remodeled the iPod Shuffle into a 100% waterproof MP3 player that is guaranteed to thrill swimmers and casual poolside players alike.

How was this possible? For starters, SwimMan engineers took the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle and (presumably) stripped it apart, waterproofing every single part possible. Tests have shown that this modified iPod Shuffle is able to work perfectly fine even up to 10 feet of water. Of course, what is the point of having a waterproof MP3 player when there is no waterproof headphones to go along with it? SwimMan has thought up of the solution as well, making a compatible waterproof headset to go.

I wouldn’t recommend this for competitive swimming though, as having the presence of an iPod Shuffle and a pair of headphones could slow you down by a fraction, underlining the difference between first and second place. Unless, of course, SwimMan does the impossible and builds a wireless audio headset to work with the Shuffle. That is but a pipe dream, so we plebians will just have to settle for this at the moment. You can pick up the 2nd generation iPod Shuffle with SwimMan’s waterproofing technology and a pair of waterproof headphones for $250.

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