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iPod Nano Case with built-in Notepad

This case manages a cool combination of not only being useful in more than one way, but in disguising your Nano.  For most people it would just look like a notebook, but once you open it up there is a compartment to fit your Nano.  The notebook part would be useful to either doodle or to make quick notes about things you need to remember for later.  It’d be great for anyone that’s addicted to constantly taking notes for various reasons.

The outer part of the case is made of leather, which makes this notebook look even nicer.  It also has a built-in hole to plug in your earbuds or a speaker.  These come from a Danish company called Scripta.  Hopefully they created the case so that it was easy to replace the notepad for when it has gotten too low.  The notepads come in various color combinations, ranging from bright colors to black.  It will fit the iPod Nano 3G and you can pick it up from Scripta for 139 DKK or about $27.

Source: GeekAlerts