iPod Dock + Wireless Speakers

Eos Wireless iPod Dock
You’re probably not going to be excited or interested when I say that this gadget is an iPod speaker system, after all, there’s hundreds of those, all of which are nearly identical. Now, this one won’t toast a bagel, improve your vision, or even dance to your music, but it will wirelessly send your tunes to 4 different speakers. Come on, admit it, you’re a little interested now.

The base station has a small speaker built in, a charging dock for the iPod, and some basic button controls. The real magic happens when near CD quality audio is transmitted wirelessly to your other speakers. Don’t worry about Wi-Fi either, the signal won’t interfere with your precious internet. You get 150′ of range which should be good enough to cover a decent sized room or a kitchen and a living room etc. If you’re not an iPod guy/girl, you can use the aux port to hook up your Zune (eek!), CD player, satellite radio, or any other audio source with aux out, which is pretty much everything, including the iPod Shuffle. Control wise, you use the wireless IR remote which will give you some basic functionality. A total of 4 speakers can be used for transmitting audio. For the style concerned group, don’t worry, the Eos comes in white as well as black to match both iPod colors (except the Nanos).

You won’t be getting 5.1 surround out of these wireless speakers, but just think of all the wire you won’t have to lay. The down side is the high price for anything wireless: the base station + 1 speaker runs $300, the base station alone runs $200, and additional speakers are $150 each.

Product Page – [via Shiny Shiny]