iPod Bicycle Speaker protects your iPod

bicycle ipod speaker

Having an iPod around is great, especially when you’re doing various activities.  However, there are some that you almost don’t want to use it, purely because you’re afraid of damaging your iPod.  Bicycling is one of those things for some people.  You never know when you’re going to get caught in a downpour or just happen to accidentally spill your bottle of water.  With this Bicycle iPod Speaker it’d keep your iPod safe and you’d get to listen to your music while you’re on your bike.

The speaker case actually clamps to the frame on your bike and then a remote control gets attached to the handlebars.  The speaker won’t be in your way then and you won’t have to struggle to flip between songs and adjust the volume.  Of course the speaker holds your iPod within and makes the speaker and your iPod water resistant.  You can pick up the black iPod speaker for $50.