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The iPin Spatial Ruler cuts down on the effort of measuring

iPin Spatial Ruler

Whenever you think about redecorating any aspect of your living space, you have to pull out a measuring tape to make sure that any new pieces of furniture are going to fit. The same is said for putting up a new picture or art in relation to existing pieces. If it’s not in an easy-to-access space, you’re going to be stepping on the couch, reaching as high as possible, and on occasion, trying to jump to reach the space you want to measure.

While there are some pretty cool ways to get measurements, none seem quite as simple and succinct as the iPin Spatial Ruler. This is a little iPhone accessory that only needs the audio jack on your Apple device to go to town on your home. Once plugged in and turned on, this will emit a laser that can measure distances in a snap. Not only do you get your numbers in almost no time at all, but you don’t need to calibrate or level your equipment for every measurement.

While this is optimized to measure the length of objects and room dimensions, the app is where this device really shines through. You can snap a picture and measure everything after you’ve left the space as you’ll be able to measure the length between two points in a shared photo. There are settings galore to play with, and you’ll find yourself wanting to measure things even when you don’t need to. This is a $36 purchase that will be great for architects, designers, art students, and more!

Available for purchase on Indiegogo