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iPin Laser Pointer will make your smartphone presentation-ready

Doing a presentation can be extremely stressful. You have to look professional, stay within a certain time limit so your audience doesn’t lose interest, and make sure your information is well-organized and easy to understand. Of course, when you want to make specific points, having a laser pointer handy would be a good idea as well, but it is one more thing to remember to bring.

Needless to say, this is a lot to keep track of. While there are few ‘tools’ that you need for this occasion such as a projector and a computer, there are ways to make the whole process go much smoother. The iPin is a sort of Swiss army knife for those who have to get up and play show-and-tell to an audience. This is a laser pointer that pairs with an extremely useful app. Sadly, this is only for iPhone users from the 3S-current generations.

It plugs directly into your 3.5mm jack, and can be left there during your day-to-day activities. To make sure it’s not on, simply twist it ninety degrees. When you’re ready to go, open the app and tap the button. The app will also give you a timer so you can keep things short and sweet, give you a track pad by swiping up, and allow you to flip through slides. This will cost you around $50, and I would surely hope that the app is part of the purchase. Keep in mind that you will need to connect to WiFi to use this.

Available for purchase on iPin