iPICS2GO Negative to iPhone Scanner

Do you have plenty of old negatives that you wish you could preserve, but have absolutely no idea on where you are to start? Good thing that modern day technology is able to help you out, and this time around, we have the folks over at Firebox deliver the £39.99 iPICS2GO Negative to iPhone Scanner. Do you still remember the days when you were extremely young, and cameras were not digital but actually used this thing called film? Yes, those days, you cannot preview your captured photos on the spot – but rather, you will need to head to the dark room and develop those negatives from the camera.
If you happen to own the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, you can use the iPICS2GO Negative to iPhone Scanner to convert all of your photographs, their slides and respective negatives directly to your mobile device. Once the conversion process is complete, just send them straight over to your mobile device, where you can also edit, save, and share them in the blink of an eye. The iPICS2GO Negative to iPhone Scanner is powered by a quartet of AA batteries, making you hark back to the days when your favorite portable console was a Nintendo Game Boy.