The iPhoney for teething babies


When your child is teething, it’s never a happy time for anyone involved.  They gnaw through the tip of their bottle if you don’t happen to give them something to chew on in the knick of time.  Then there is always the screaming, because all that teething does hurt a bit.  All around, there isn’t a person in the household that won’t pay for it.  You could go out to the store and pick up your average teething ring, but that’s not the true geek way.  No, you have to stand out and do something in true geeky fashion.

Which is exactly what Corey Jones did.  Being a true iPhone fanatic he created something for his kid to chew on that he could be proud of.  He handed over a wooden replica of his beloved iPhone.  No, this isn’t a laser etched job either.  He actually hand carved this out and from the looks of things did a great job at getting the details perfect.  Perfect just in time for his child to put teeth marks in it, but at least it started perfect.  You can check out his brilliant photoset on Flickr that gives at least some idea on how this was done.

Source: DaddyTypes