iPhone Waterproof Case from Sanwa


If you can’t manage to part with your iPhone while you’re around a lot of water, you might want to make sure that you protect your iPhone.  This case seals all of the water out and still gives you the use of your iPhone while it’s at it.  It even still allows for you to listen to your music and use the camera.  Which means you get cute pictures of your kids while you’re at the pool without having to worry about them drowning your iPhone.

Somehow, even though you can hook up your headphones to your iPhone it will still keep all of the water out.  It also still makes it possible to use the touchscreen on the iPhone.  This useful case has a serious geek side though, it comes with a lanyard so that you can wear it around your neck.  Which with this around your neck you’re probably not going to win any ‘Best Dressed’ awards.  You can purchase the case for $32 from Sanwa, but you’ll have to find a way to get it shipped out of Japan.

Source: GeekyGadets