iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen Cleaning Kit

If there’s one thing about touch screen devices, it is the fact that there are tons of fingerprints left over once you’re done with accessing whatever function. Take the iPhone for example – chances are you’ll be wiping fingerprints off it for a few times each day, no thanks to grease-coated fingers that leave a fine layer of oil all over the display which subsequently attracts other stuff like dust and dandruff. Nice to know there is a way to keep your precious iPhone’s display in pristine condition – the iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen Cleaning Kit.

Forget the snazzy name (and you probably will), this is the world’s first ‘wet cleaning’ system for touch screen gadgets, and it’ll keep your smartphone, iPhone, PSP or whatever looking like it’s just stepped out of the salon. Simply pop off this ultra sleek doodah’s cap to reveal a sponge tip that soaks up special cleaning fluid from an internal (refillable) reservoir. Then rub the tip over your gizmo to ‘wet clean’ its surface. Finally give it a buff using the included micro-fibre carry-pouch. Genius. As well as removing dust, stains and fingerprints, the Cleaning Kit provides an anti-static, anti-bacterial finish so screens stay cleaner for longer. Plus you won’t catch some weird lurgee if greasy-pawed mates have been having a fiddle.

What makes this £7.95 iPhone Stylus and Touchscreen Cleaning Kit all the more special is the inclusion of a pin that helps you remove stubborn iPhone SIM cards that love to stay in their enclosure.