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iPhone Ringtone Maker – Creativity for All

I am all over the page when it comes to my ringtones, its either something super boring that the phone was set on when I got it, or something really weird that I pay to download, and everytime the phone rings everyone around me looks over disapprovingly. In any case I can think of dozens of ringtones that I’d like to have… but they don’t exist. Luckily we have the  iPhone Ringtone Manager, users can customize their iPhone ringtones at will. For instance, users can trim any segment from video, audio or DVD sources, and adjust ringtone volume and add fade-in or fade-out for even more professional effects. This software contains a built-in player, which can help users pre-listen to their desired iPhone ringtone effect. With this professional tool, users can even extract existing ringtones from the iPhone and have the ability to rename the ringtones right at their fingertips. The Ringtone Maker for iPhone also enables you to export iPhone ringtones to your computer and iTunes, and transfer iPhone ringtones to other iPhone devices directly. It is fully compatible with all iPhone devices, including iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and supports the new iOS 5. So now we have no excuse not to have unique and creative ringtones, ones that fully express our personalities and passions, so the next time you’re at the store and hear someones phone playing the theme song from Leave it to Beaver, well, let’s just say you’ll know its me. The iPhone Ringtone Maker is fully compatible with all iPhone devices, like iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. And it supports the new iOS 5. It is available from  for only 15 dollars. source: ]]>