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iPhone Recovery Pro – So you Don’t Totally Lose it!

There’s a lot of good and bad that comes with technology, most of it is good, and I love it. But while our smartphones and computers streamline our lives they can certainly complicate them as well.We rely on our SmartPhones and computers for everything, all of our most important information, and then I’m also concerned about our kids, their connection with the world around them may just be too intimate. I love my electronics, don’t get me wrong, but I’d like a tool that keeps everything and everybody safe. 

Check out ER-220 SmartPhone Recovery Pro not only does it back up the data you have, but gets you back the things you deleted as well. All of us know the horror of watching the little trash can open and close and then realizing you just made a horrible mistake. ER-220 can be used to recover deleted data from your iPhone quickly and easily, and to display all your information on an intuitive interface residing on your Mac. Being able to see deleted data… that’s a very good thing.

The software lets you see almost all the existing data on your phone, but best of all, it allows you to recover your deleted stuff including messages, call history, contacts, notes and calendar entries, and the all important iTunes files. Recovery Pro lets you have access to all your phones info, even if you have your phone no more. Recovery Pro also lets you take all your precious information and easily export it to your Mac as a backup file.

The software runs from the Flashdrive, so you won’t need to install a conspicuous file anywhere, and it seems to me that it can not only save you from the trauma of losing your phone or information but more importantly, for those of us that need it, a pretty sneaky way to check up on your kids or spouse.. yeah… I went there. To find out more, or to check out the Windows version, visit Think of it, piece of mind, for under 80 bucks.

1 thought on “iPhone Recovery Pro – So you Don’t Totally Lose it!”

  1. 1. Doesn’t iCloud solves some of the data deletion stuff along with recovery?

    2. Does the iPhone have to be jailbroken for this to work?

    3. Couldn’t this be used to recover files of stolen iPhones/ phones bought off eBay? Isn’t it a privacy concern?

    4. Wouldn’t this be used as a snooping software by suspicious partners/ parents to keep track of ones activities? Again privacy concerns.

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