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The iPhone Merry Charger brings more holiday cheer than you could ever ask for

iPhone Merry CHarger

We’re in the midst of an odd time of year. Halloween feels like just yesterday, but Thanksgiving has not yet come to pass, and everything is beginning to look a lot like Christmas (it’s so infectious that even my writing can’t escape). While some of us ponder how so many people can pass over the holiday with a good idea but a terrible past, there are some who are already building gingerbread houses and picking out pine trees.

If you fit the latter description, then you are likely chomping at the bit to get on with the winter holiday festivities. In this case, every other holiday can shove it so you can get more time with the one that has pretty lights, baked goods, and cups of hot cocoa with friends and family. If you need constant reminders around you from November 1st on, then you’re going to love the iPhone Merry Charger. Of course, you’ll need an iPhone 5/5S/5C to be able to use it, but it certainly fits the theme.

This is a 46” long charging cable decorated with ten multi-colored LED lights. It is powered by USB, and has little to no chance of starting a fire in your office. It will only cost you $14.99, and now seems like an appropriate enough time to purchase this, as it won’t show up at your door until after Thanksgiving has passed. Decorate responsibly.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek