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The iPhone Key Cable will hook you up

Key Cable

Some people use their phone for social media alone, and their battery is drained at the end of the day. Those who have to work, want to check up on social media, and like to take a little time to game in between each task are going to need 2-3 times the normal amount of power. If you have a backup battery handy you should be in pretty decent shape, but seeing as that’s one more thing we have to remember to charge every evening, sometimes we forget.

If you have a nasty habit of forgetting your charging cord and backup battery, then you at least need a way to plug into a USB port while you’re at work. If all you need is a hook up from time to time, the Key Cable should be a quick and easy option. This is a lightning to USB nylon connecting cable that was made to play nicely with iPods, iPhones, and iPads that are equipped with the appropriate fittings. This is a very short cable, and while it can likely be unwound for use in its entirety, good luck to those of you who didn’t pay careful attention as it unravels.

This is available for $29.99, and comes in marine blue, coral, or zebra. One of these would fit nicely on your key ring, which would also be a great way to make sure you remember to always have it on hand. I’m sure if you ask nicely there’s an Android version as well, but the first thing you’ll see are the Apple options, as that is “all the rage” as the kids say.

Available for purchase on nativeunion