iPhone controls your kitchen island

No longer is the superwoman multi-tasker the queen of the kitchen – it might seem as though your kitchen island will soon be controlled by nothing but an iPhone! Yup, the smartphone that has clearly revolutionalized the way we look at how humans interact with phones is not only able to let you enjoy your favorite music on the go, snap great photos and shoot videos, it will now be able to control stuff in your kitchen island.
There is a hydraulic scissor lift that is bolted to the cement, where a small frame is also built on top of the scissor lift table. Right on top of that is a subfloor, flooring, followed by the island. Its cabinet doors are located on the other side, where all of them will come with safety push button switches which ensures electricity from the Smart Home Insteon switches are “killed” to prevent any movement whenever the doors are not fully closed.
What are some of the other iPhone controlled items that you would love to have in your pad?
Source: Hacked Gadgets

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