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iPhone 4/4S Magnate Case from AGF

AGF has made some interesting cases for mobile devices, such as the Precision HSD Case for iPhone 3G and 3G S. This Magnate case for the iPhone 4/4S is another great triumph for the company. The Magnate is an affordable way an iPhone 4 user can whip out their iDevice and say, without words, “I have class”. Yes, the thing has leather, but it is leather inlayed, highlighted with “contrasting stitching”. Granted, it is not genuine leather like the seats of a fine car, but I’ve seen vinyl that looks good enough. It actually uses a durable yet flexible rubber like materials also known as TPU (Thermoplastic Polyutherane). The sides are ribbed, so you will have a good grip on your iPhone 4. The material is all shock absorbent, so I imagine that it can be dropped on its side and take the hit. The sides of the Magnate case are also designed so the user has access to ports and controls. Best of all, it is pretty lightweight, and the inside reminds me of the Carbon Back Skin that I reviewed a while ago from idAmerica. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4/4S Magnate Case is sold out right now. You should be able to get it here for about $35.00 when it comes back in stock. ]]>

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  1. All similar ones I have seen appear to be poorly made. If this is made of quality material and stitched well it should hold up

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