iPhone 4 Steering Wheel with Speakers

Now, we do know that the iPhone has somewhat turned into a pretty decent gaming platform, and has had its fair share of hits along the way. When it comes to racing games, however, the experience of tilting your phone either way to steer your car isn’t a really fun experience, so here is a peripheral that might just help you out.
The iPhone 4 Steering Wheel with Speakers that retails for $22.20 is here to save the day – this lightweight peripheral is meant specially for the iPhone 4, where it offers high quality audio regardless of whether you’re gaming or listening to music. All you need to do is connect your iPhone to the steering wheel’s adapter, affix that to the middle of the wheel, and you’re good to go. If only the iPhone 4 will somewhat remain on a horizontal plain no matter which way you turn the steering wheel – now that’d be uber cool.

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