iPawn Games brings classics to a touchscreen experience

When was the last time your kid enjoyed a classic game? I am quite sure that if you ask any teen these days what constitutes a classic game, he or she will most probably rattle off the following – Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., the list goes on – before you realize that those are all electronic in nature. What happened to good old Monopoly, Snakes & Ladders, and even Scrabble? Well, I guess there is something which will remedy the situation – the £9.99 iPawn Games that merges the old and the new.
iPawn Games will require you to own an iPad (or iPad 2) first, where it will be transformed into a modern day tabletop game to handle all the popular classics that you once enjoyed as a little boy or girl. There is the mandatory iPawn Snakes and Ladders which sees counters being made from ABS plastic, and they will conduct tiny electrical charges from your fingertips to the iPad’s screen, letting the display respond to the counters only when you touch them. Not only that, the snakes on the “board” are also interactive as they writhe and hiss whenever your counters dance past them. Good for up to four players, other titles include iPawn Fishing, iPawn Game of Goose and iPawn Air Hockey.
I would think that the iPawn Air Hockey game might be a bit too fast and furious – what if someone is overzealous and exerts far more energy than required – is the iPad’s display able to stand up to the pressure? Ah well, at least there are no bits and pieces to stash away once you are done.