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IPAN IPAN introduces wireless charging outdoor table

ipan-ipanWireless charging is considered by many to be the next step when it comes to juicing up devices. Mobile devices such as smartphones do support wireless charging these days, especially the higher end models and flagships, but other high powered electrical devices like kettles and microwave ovens simply need too much juice at this point in time that wireless charging technology has not yet caught up. Well, rather than getting a small wireless charging pad to be used at home or at the office, how about an entire table? This is exactly what IPAN IPAN has done, integrating wireless charging capability into its ordinary looking table.

IPAN IPAN has a dream to make charging a smartphone on a terrace table something that is commonplace and natural to do. In fact, the company strongly believes that such technology will eventually become as significant as Wi-Fi in public areas, although we will simply have to wait and see whether such a belief will come true or not. IPAN IPAN is not going at this dream alone, having worked alongside SM France, a world leader in manufacturing outdoor table tops, in order to develop this new generation of tables that allow mobile phone charging. The integration of wireless charging technology into such tables will go through a patented process.

The end result? A table that is not only attractive, but sports clean lines as well, guaranteeing that the wireless charging technology is barely noticeable save for an embedded sticker that provides a subtle indicator of where the charging spot is. Those who are interested will pick up a fully smooth table top which is solid and impermeable, as it is made out of durable materials and colors. Expect it to have high resistance to the sun, moisture and intense climate variations, and upkeep is a snap with with hygienic materials. There will be a pair of USB ports that keep the table company for wired charging the traditional way, powered by a fully-waterproof integrated battery with a capacity of 15A/h, ensuring around 8 days autonomy.

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