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The iPad Paintbrush brings some artistic flare to digital painting

iPad Paintbrush
While we’ve all toyed around with MS Paint at least once or twice in our lives, there are artists who make a living off of doing digital paintings. They are skilled artisans just the same as any other branch of art, but they use a mouse and settings to get different brush strokes and colors. For all the artists out there that might consider switching from the tangible medium to the digital one, it can and would be a giant shift. Of course, it would also be nice not having to constantly buy more paint.

If you are one such person, or want to give digital painting a try, then the iPad Paintbrush might be just what you’re looking for. This may look like a common paintbrush, but each fiber of synthetic hair at the tip of the brush has conductive properties. The other end of the brush is a stylus so that you don’t need to have two separate tools for the same device. The brush is capable of making realistic strokes, which will give your work more of a human touch to it.

This will cost you around $50, which is about standard for this sort of utensil. While it might be an interesting tool for an artist, it would also be a way to let little ones play at artistry without causing a mess. While this does have ‘iPad’ in the name, it will work with any touchscreen tablet.

Available for purchase on Hammacher