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Ionic Smokeless Ashtray sucks up your smoke

Tired of your house smelling like smoke?  Well then suck it up with this ashtray.  It was specifically designed to suck that smoke into the dome and dispose of it.  It does so by, breaking down the smoke into negatively-charged particles, which are then “captured by the positively-charged stainless steel lining of the dome.”  I’m a little skeptical as to how it works and if it will actually stop the smell from getting into your home.  After all, your cigarette doesn’t stay in the ashtray.  At some point you have to take it out to smoke it.

I’m sure this would work fairly well for someone that doesn’t smoke that often anyway.  However, anyone with chain smoker tendencies likely won’t smell much of a change.  Then again, once you’re to the chain smoking point, usually your sense of smell isn’t that grand anyway.  It does come with the glass ashtray you see in the picture as well as an AC adapter.  It uses 4 AA batteries, I’m guessing for when it’s not plugged in. 

This model is no longer available however there are various replacements available from

Source: BookofJoe

4 thoughts on “Ionic Smokeless Ashtray sucks up your smoke”

  1. What a totally biased opinion given with the sale of this ashtray. The person who wrote the description of this gadget sounds like all the ‘holier than thou’ types one sees everyday. I don’t smoke, therefore if you do, you can’t even smell or taste anything anymore! LOL Check your own habits,weight, and where you live, before tossing those stones. Plenty of people who live in the brown (metal laden) air in So. Calif, often say they can’t stand cigarette smoke. Let your car sit out 1 night, then check the shiny dust that accumulates in 1 night! P.S. Most smokers are more considerate of others than many previous, or non-smokers.

  2. I think the comments on here should be about the product itself not about the users of it. Manners are something I guess, that is turning into a rare commodity these days. I would love to make fun of people that think eating protein shakes and over dose on vitamins, but again if the product works, then that sort of comment belongs here. NO ONE is without a bad habit or two, get over yourselves.
    as well I have heard from people that this product does work similar to the original description to the product, if you tend to smoke more than the rare few, it is much better to buy an air filter and keep it in your smoking area. For me I only smoke under my kitchen fan, unfortuneately because my apt doesn’t offer window ventillation. I am currently looking for a product that would assist in the general situation.
    Thank You

  3. I take one of those square type fans and put it in my window backwards 🙂 it clears out a standard size room. I open a door to drawl the fresh air in.
    When You think about it In order to blow all that air at you it has to suck a great amount from behind it. Not perfect But definitely better

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