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ION Water Rocker – Making Sound Waves

Here they come, the lazy days of summer. It’s time to break out the suntan lotion, fire up the grill and listen to everyone’s favorite summertime songs. We were all just talking about some of our favorite summer hits from years past. I can remember my favorite summer song, yup – that was an awesome summer. Too bad I can’t talk about it. Well its time to make some new musical memories and whether you’re just lounging by the pool or actually neck deep in the water, the Water Rocker will be your new best friend. Relax in your little yellow water wings as this nifty waterproof, ball-shaped speaker floats and bobs at your side, blasting your favorite summer tunes as you relax and enjoy the abundant sunshine. Your iPhone, iPod or almost any other audio device stays high and super dry, in the wireless transmitter dock, which can be almost 100 feet away, and you can float another 9 speakers around the pool, utilizing the same single transmitter, talk about a party! The Water Rocker doesn’t only work with your iPhone or iPod. Since it actually includes a transmitter, you simply need to plug in virtually any audio source using the 1/8-inch jack. Heck, you can even plug in your TV and listen to the big game as you drift along on the sparkling water, freshly made Pina Colada in hand. Plus, there’s a built-in FM radio so you can even listen to your favorite radio stations. The ION Water Rocker can be your’s for only 99 bucks from, suntan lotion is extra.  ]]>