Ion Twin Camcorder – Because the look on your face is priceless too

I was watching some old videos the other day. I have somehow become the family photographer and videographer. In fact, if the crew knows I’m going to be at any family function, they don’t bother to bring their cameras at all. This would be fine, but in looking back, I realize that I’m not in a single video, not one.

Well, the Ion Twin Camcorder has the answer to this problem with the world’s first dual-lens video camera that can actually capture both front and rear VGA quality video and audio. Now I can capture Christmas morning with my family, and still be in the show, so 15 years from now we can all remember just how tired and stressed out I really was.

The Twin Video has a front and back camera, dual microphones so as to maintain proper audio for each side and you can toggle between rear and forward views with the touch of a button, in real time. The Twin also features a 3x digital zoom and front and rear LED lights, so it is perfect in low light conditions.

The Ion Twin comes with a remote, along with a miniUSB port and a TV out.

The Ion Twin has an internal, rechargeable battery, or it can be plugged in using an optional AC adaptor. It connects via USB to virtually any Mac or PC for easy video transfer. Say Cheese!

Available now for around $130.00 from