IOGear announces Wireless USB CardBus Adapter

Wireless USB

There are some technologies that I like to hold off on buying, no matter how great they seem. Take HD movies for example. Had I purchased one a few months ago, I’d likely be kicking myself, as I would have chosen to side with the HD DVD camp (which lets face it, is a sinking ship).Other times I fear that a technology may never catch on, and thus be useless altogether. This would be one reason why I haven’t jumped on board with Wireless USB (WUSB) just yet. I will admit, they are making it much easier to even get older hardware working with this new standard, which is apparent from the announcement of a CardBus WUSB adapter.

Part of me wishes that I could get excited about this CardBus WUSB adapter, but I can’t really say that I’d have much use for it. There aren’t a ton of devices out there that support the standard, and I can’t really think of anything else I’d want to connect to my laptop that doesn’t use Bluetooth. Unfortunately IOGear has not made any announcement on pricing or availability, they’ve only told us that it’s coming.

Source: EverythingUSB