Invisible Touch-less Dimmer Switches

It’s pretty difficult to get a cool light switch, as at the end of the day it’s just a switch but the company Anigmo has managed it by way of a totally contact-less dimmer switch, the ST2 range (okay the name could of been a bit more inventive).

In the old days, if you wanted a contact-less switch you’d need to clap, shout or slam doors. With the Anigmo switch all you need to do is wave your hand in-front of it.

To turn the lights on you wave your hand one inch in front of the sensor, to dim the lights you keep your hand in front of the sensor and to turn off you simply wave again (a bit like plzying the EyeToy).

What make the switch really cool is that it can be concealed behind various designer face plates. It would also be possible to mount the switch in the wall and have it totally concealed, though make sure you don’t forget where you put it :).

I did like this description taken from the Anigmo about page: “It’s not magic – just sound engineering“.

[Anigmo found via I4U News]

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