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InventHelp’s Cord Charmer could usher in era of clutter-free charging stations

cord-charmerEveryone likes to work in a clean, neat and clutter-free environment, unless you were Smaug the dragon who has a really long lifespan and can’t be too bothered about which jewel and treasure is stored where. For the rest of us mere mortals, an organized desk is a reflection of an organized mind. InventHelp would like to help those of us who find it difficult to keep things neat and tidy at work, school or at home with the Cord Charmer.

The Cord Charmer has been touted to be a brand new clutter-free charging station that will cater for a slew of consumer electronic devices. The Cord Charmer is actually an outlet cover plate that will be able to stash away power cords as it charges electronic devices. These range from portable media players to smartphones and other kind of digital devices. The Cord Charmer will be able to put to bed the long standing problem of cords cluttering floors and countertops.

Not only will the Cord Charmer be able to replace traditional electronic cover plates, it will also boast of a chamber for the cord itself, while there is a built-in shelf for whatever electronic or digital device that is of the right size to rest on. As the cord remains kept away in a safe location while your device charges, you do not have to worry too much about wandering and curious hands of the resident 3-year old exploring his or her surroundings. Not only that, the shelf will also reduce the chances of your charging device being in harm’s way, as opposed to having it placed on a desk, countertop or floor where it could be damaged.

There are traditional and contemporary designs to choose from. The traditional design will feature a couple of outlet spaces, whereas the latter contemporary design boasts of one large rectangular opening for the outlet. Regardless of your $9.99 choice, both designs can blend in with any décor. Of course, getting a multi-purpose USB charging station might also do the trick, but that will cost more.

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