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Introducing The Trons: An Autonomous Robot Band

First, The Beatles took on America, launching a British Invasion of music. Then Led Zeppelin took the hard rock world by storm. Should we be expecting another kind of invasion anytime soon? Perhaps a Robotic Invasion? Could robots eventually take the place of modern musicians, and do a better job of writing hit tracks? What could this mean for the future of the music industry?

Allow us to introduce to you, The Trons! A fully autonomous robotic band. Watch out U2! The Trons are a New Zealand based robot band which does a pretty good job rocking the house all on their own. The video above shows The Trons performing their rocker “Sister Robot”. The robot musicians are even designed to resemble humanoid figures.

The robotic members of The Trons go by the names Ham (vox and rhythm guitar), Wiggy (single string lead guitar), Swamp (drums), Fifi (one-handed keyboards), and claim to be influenced by a wide variety of musicians including The Velvet Underground and Yo La Tengo. To be honest, they sound pretty darn good for a band whose members are simple robotic machines.

The Trons will be performing at the upcoming Ignition Fringe Festival, a 9 day performance show which features 26 Poetry, Street Theater, Dance, Music, Comedy, Theater, Film, and Visual Art acts. The festival started on June 13th in New Zealand and will be continuing until the 21st.

MySpace Page via Communist Robot