Intoxicated and UV Warning Tester

Alcohol Breth Tester

Not only can this little gadget help you keep your driver’s license and play funny drinking games with your friends, but it can also tell you if it’s safe to spend your hangover under the clear sky; it’s a pen-shaped alcohol tester with an attached ‘harmful ultraviolet sunlight’ detector.

It’s pen-like appearance means that you can keep it in your shirt pocket at work and during the after-hours pub visit. When you exit the pub all you have to do is turn it on, blow, and wait for the LED to light up. If it’s green, you can use your car, but if it’s red you’d better call a taxi. It does have one drawback, it only works with the UK alcohol limit. A little tip for the manufacturers: just reverse the LED’s colors and you might just have lots of success in Alabama 😉

The UV detector is apparently made of a material that’s sensitive to UV. It changes color in order to indicate ‘weak’, ‘medium’ or ‘strong’ UV radiation.

Another good point of this gizmo is the price, it won’t set you back more than an evening in the pub with your friends as it costs £16.95 at Urban Junkie, about the price of one round at my local.