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International Traveler’s GPS Tablet ensures you are not lost no matter where you are

international-travelers-gpsTraveling these days tend to be a whole lot more convenient and easier thanks to the wonders of the Internet, where you can do your fair bit of research before you even arrive at a place, and then get right in on the attractions, food and sights. However, if you are in unfamiliar territory, you might want to have a map with you handy – and why not have a navigational device to go along with it as well? This is where the $199.99 International Traveler’s GPS Tablet plays a role, where this tablet computer with GPS will be able to offer proper guidance sans a working Internet connection.

That makes it perfect should you happen to make your way to a place where there is no cellular signal as well, as the tablet’s built-in GPS radio will be able to determine just where you are exactly, plottin your location on the map app, and offering directions to just about any destination, all without needing a connection to Wi-Fi or a cellular network. The tablet itself sports a 7″ high-definition touchscreen and runs on Android 4.2 – while far from being the latest version of Android, it is stable enough to get the job done. Sporting front and rear-facing cameras, it will be equipped with 16GB of internal memory and a microSD memory card slot for expansion purposes, alongside 10GB of cloud storage. United States and Canadian maps come preloaded, while other maps can be downloaded for free.

After all, getting lost is definitely no fun at all, especially when you are on a holiday and would like to do your best to enjoy the surroundings and the people whom you’ve traveled halfway around the world to meet. Certainly getting a little bit of help from a mobile device in letting you know where to go and how to go is worth every penny.