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Intergalactic Racquetball Game cares not for your species

intergalactic-racquetballThe saying goes that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – and of this, we are also pretty sure that Jack alone won’t be dull if he were to work all day long, as other intergalactic species, too, would probably be affected in their own way. While we cannot be too sure that we are the only intelligent life out there on this side of the galaxy, it is always good to be prepared – which is why the $59.95 Intergalactic Racquetball Game might be a crucial bridge to connect with other lifeforms in the galaxy should they appear in your backyard.

Having a self-serving table tennis trainer will not do – you will also need to assess the alien lifeform’s reflexes and skill at a racquetball game, so why not use the Intergalactic Racquetball Game to get the job done? This futuristic racquetball game simulates a ball of light which will respond to the motions of two players’ handheld racquets. The central console will project a round light onto the ceiling or walls of a darkened room in order to simulate a ball; where all it takes is a wave of the racquet wand, and the ball will take flight for a back-and-forth volley between two competitors. Whoever collects 11 points first wins, and there is also a solo mode for you to take on a virtual opponent. The Intergalactic Racquetball Game will run on seven AA batteries.

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