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Interactive weather results arrive in 34 different languages

When it comes to predicting the weather, our ancestors of yore did not have the relevant tools, but rather, the sought out a medicine man who interpreted the signs of the sky and perhaps even decided that there is a pattern in the way tea leaves form and congregate at the bottom of your cup to come up with an answer. I am quite sure that such a person would be an extremely observant one, who most probably have already taken note of the seasonal changes while everyone one went about their business before setting up a legitimate claim as being able to “intervene” with the heavens on behalf of his fellow men – for a price, of course. Well, it is nice to know that technology has propelled us so far forward that weather prediction systems are more or less very accurate these days – so much so that you can trust the reports before going out to meet your friends while leaving your laundry drying in the backyard. Sure, there are times when even the most sensitive equipment will get it wrong, but then again, nothing is 100% foolproof in this world except for death and taxes. Google also has a hand in predicting the weather and delivering its results to the masses – and this time around, Google decided to roll out interactive weather information in mobile search results that will come in another 33 languages – bringing the grand total to 34, of course. From today onwards, whenever you look for ‘météo’, ‘tempo’, or ‘weather’ in your language, your eyes will be greeted by the current temperature, humidity level and wind speed for your location. Not only that, you too, will also be on the receiving end of an overall forecast as well as the weather outlook for the next few days. In order to check out weather conditions throughout the different times of the day, all you need to do is move the slider across the next dozen hours and you’re good to go, knowing whether to bring the brolly out with you for that afternoon tea appointment, or perhaps an umbrella later in the evening. Have you given it a go yet on your Android-powered or iOS mobile device? Press Release ]]>