Interactive roof tiles to send a message

LED Roof Tiles

Imagine it. It’s election season. You’re flying across the country to visit family or on the red eye to catch that all important business meeting. You look out the window and 35,000 feet below you see “Vote for me this November.” A little futher down, you notice a stream of moving pictures for a new movie and then “Coming soon to a theater near you …” all up in lights. Or, it’s late December and you’re flying home in time for the Holidays. Suddenly, you catch a video of that ripe, jolly old elf on his sleigh with reindeer, and snow capped text stating “Santa, Land Here!” What gives?

Well, this new invention are LED roof tiles which, in addition to protecting the home from the elements, can now send air travelers a message. Made by Lambert Kamps, these transparent roof tiles have LEDs built in which can also generate mosaics of text, pictures, and any other graphical color content the home owner desires. The images can also be animated giving any message atop of the roof punch. And all powered by a series of self contained solar-photovoltaic cells.

With our previous mentioning of Solar Powered roof shingles to power the home quickly being perfected, it was only a matter of time before someone took the next step and created a means to generate ad revenue as well as power.

Source Source: Interactive Architecture via Make