Interactive Mirror could be the Fairest of them All

We have covered a lot of interesting mirrors on Coolest Gadgets, most recently the Magic Mirror Security System. This new Interactive Mirror from BlogLitStudios could easily take the cake for technological mirrors.

The Interactive Mirror is something that you really need to see to believe, which is why I included this YouTube video so you can view it in action after the jump. In all honesty, I hope that everyone has a chance to try this out this Interactive Mirror for themselves.

This isn’t the first time that someone has put an interactive display onto an ordinary bathroom mirror, but what BlogLitStudios has accomplished has made it more fun than just viewing morning stock and weather reports. This model of the Interactive Mirror may have some less practical applications, but they sure look like fun.

I believe it was Dr. Seuss who said “no one can resist a mirror”, so how could anyone resist a mirror that allows you to draw on it like a paint program? The interface is almost like an iPhone, and you should see what you can do with text!

I definitely like the application of trying out T-shirt designs by simply selecting patterns on a design menu. Yes, I long for the day when the Interactive Mirror is at every clothing store.

BlogLitStudios official website has stated that anyone interested in the Interactive Mirror should contact them, but they do not give a price.

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