Interactive LED Coffee Table

interactive-coffee-table.jpgWhile most of us own coffee tables that are exactly just that, the advancement of technology has enabled this humble piece of home furniture to be much more than what it is. Behold, the Interactive LED Coffee Table that does more than just sit there, unmoved by all the drama and emotion that flows through a living room. Some might even say that unique piece of home furniture is sentient, coming to life whenever something moves over the top. Just like any other beauty pageant, I would like to start off by unveiling the measurements of this Interactive LED Coffee Table which stands at 62″ x 31″ x 18″ (W x W x H) with the choice of a thick glass or plastic on top.

This coffee table boasts a wood lattice underneath which spans the side waves, forming a shelf for storage purposes. The LEDs within the table will only activate whenever they capture a motion, but twinkle idly when all is still around it. It eats up much less power than your common household light bulb, consuming only 35 watts of power when fully active. What enables this Interactive LED Coffee Table to function the way it is? For starters, it comes with a network of 32 active and passive near-infrared optical sensors, detecting motion just above the table as well as minor changes in ambient light.

The use of fully analog circuits enable light patterns to sweep outwards from your motion, complete with perfect fades while glowing stronger the closer the movement is. 480 white LEDs can come to life at any point in time, and works in full sunlight or total darkness although I’m not sure who in the right mind would want to place this outdoors as it definitely looks way better in the dark. Since each table is custom made according to your specifications, an allowance of up to 6 weeks for delivery must be given. Prices start from $2,800 upwards.

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