Intel announces Solid State Drive (SSD) 330 Series

Intel does not only make microprocessors you know – they have also delved into the world of flash memory for some time already, where their latest foray would include the Solid State Drive 330 Series. Those who are already building their computers on a tight budget and yet want to have the performance of an SSD slotted inside will definitely want to take a second look at the new Intel SSD 330 Series, where it delivers a boost to system performance without breaking the bank.
In fact, the Intel SSD 330 Series, being a SATA 6Gb/s-based SSD which blends performance, Intel quality and value, will start from a mere $89 upwards, now how about that? Of course, that would net you a mere 60GB of storage, and if you want something more spacious (with the budget to match), then there would always be the 120GB and 180GB models for your consideration.

The Intel SSD 330 Series is said to be ideal for upgrading desktop or notebook PCs, and according to James Slattery, product line manager for client SSDs, Intel Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, “An SSD is still the single best upgrade you can make to your existing PC, and the Intel SSD 330 Series gives users the latest Intel SSD technology at a price to meet their budget. Backed by Intel’s rigorous testing process, the Intel SSD 330 Series offers our users the speed they need at a great price, backed by world-class manufacturing, reliability and tech support.”
SSDs are far more rugged than your traditional hard disk drive simply because it has no spinning disks and moveable parts, and hence sips even less power while delivering speedy data transmission in order to keep up with today’s I/O-intensive applications. The Intel SSD 330 Series will feature Intel 25-nanometer (nm) multi-level cell (MLC) NAND memory, and its SATA 6Gb/s interface essentially doubles the bandwidth of its current SATA 3Gb/s Intel SSD 320 Series, offering sequential read speeds of up to 500 megabytes-per-second (MB/s) and up to 450MB/s sequential write speeds for faster data transfers.
The 120GB model will retail for $149, while those who opt for the 180GB SSD will have to burn a $234 in their pocket. Regardless of the capacity that you decide to bring home, all of them will come with a 3-year limited warranty.
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