Instant Wireless Pet Barrier

Breaking a new puppy (or dog) into your home can be quite a task, and you will need copious amounts of patience and love without lashing out at the pup. Of course, you must be prepared to suffer chewed shoes and furniture with the latest addition to your home at the beginning – or not? The Instant Wireless Pet Barrier comes in handy, training your pooch to stay off furniture and out of forbidden rooms without having to erect physical barriers or involve a complicated installation process. All you need to do is strap the collar on Fido, place the wireless transmitter somewhere and he won’t venture beyond the 12′ diameter zone as doing so will result in a harmless, mild static energy pulse that makes it uncomfortable enough to return to where it came from. The transmitter is powered by a trio of AA batteries, while the collar sips energy from a couple of CR2032 batteries. You can pick up the Instant Wireless Pet Barrier for $79.95 a pop.

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