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Instant Tennis Court lets you sweat it out, anytime, anywhere

instant-tennis-courtThere is nothing quite like having a nice workout in order to sweat all of the day’s stress away. After all, exercise also helps to keep your mind clear, and the benefits to your health are definitely worth investing some time each week to break a sweat. If you are a huge fan of racquet games, then you would definitely have followed the world of tennis, and assuming tennis is right up your alley, surely the $119.95 Instant Tennis Court is an irresistible purchase?

The Instant Tennis Court happens to be a freestanding tennis set which will, as its name suggests, instantly create a court just about anywhere – be it on a driveway, patio, or any hard, flat surface. There is no need for any tools in order to set up the entire shebang, as the nylon net will be able to slip over the snap-together metal net in order to create a regulation-height 12′ wide court. With a smaller court, reduced-size rackets, and slower rebounding ball, there is always the chance to enjoy a fun, active game which is also the perfect setting to build up one’s skills. The net will come apart as easily as it is assembled, and all components will be able to be stashed away neatly in the zippered nylon carrying case.

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